Fifth Sketch

These items had been left out in my living room so I got a quick sketch done before they where “Relocated” to their correct place.

I found that this is one of my best so far and believe that is because I just sketched it out with no thought on what I was sketching. This meant that I finished this image fast and had little Thought on the sketch process.


Fourth Sketch

This sketch is of the area under our stair’s. There’s all sorts under there. Table, ironing board, vacuums and carrier bags.


Third Sketch

Here’s the 3rd sketch. Its the wife’s make-up area. Think I rushed this one a little bit as there are a lot of mistakes in it. completely messed up on the perspective so had to cut out part of the area.

Second Sketch

Here is sketch No 2. This is my work station, please don’t crit about “it look’s set up” or “That’s not how a work station really looks” you see I suffer with OCD so this is how it looks all the time.


First Sketch

OK the project is officially underway, I have done my first sketch. This will be used as a starting point that I will look back on throughout and will act as point of comparison to the last image I sketch in 1 years time.

Whats This All About

Ok firstly… Hello

Now for the info…
The purpose of this blog is to track the progress of my drawing capability.  You see when I was at school many moons ago I could draw pretty well. But since leaving school I never kept up with it and have pretty much lost my skill-set in this area. So what I am doing is relearning how to draw through practice.

I will be drawing a minimum of 1 image per day, more if I have the time and will keep a visual record of my progress over a 1 year period (to start with). All of the sketches I do during this period will be uploaded along with a photograph of the thing I drew for comparison.

I am open to all criticism and welcome all advice and feedback on the work I will be producing.